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Tanwood Leather focuses on all kind of genuine leather accessories. Together with quality and style, Tanwood specializes in custom made personal carry products.

Tanwood Story

Our humble story is 50 years old. It starts from a small single storied building. We were dealing with finished leather products and sheets on a small scale. Similarly, we were supplying a small quantity of leather locally. After that, we started to export quality leather accessories.

Now it spreads to a multi-storied building in the heart of Calicut. Apart from this, our online reach is also expanding. We export genuine leather goods to different regions. This is a dream coming true for us. Our products range from footwear, leather bags, key-chains, men’s wallets, cardholders, passport holders and more.

In the first place, we stand to maintain trust. Tanwood leather belongs to the city of truth. In other words, trust is the primary thing in our business. Similarly, Tanwood focuses on quality. It ensures our products last forever.


The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind while thinking about leather is durability. Quality and simplicity are inspirations for Tanwood. Handmade quality goods are one of the notable specialty for us. Men’s wallets, sandals and leather bags made by hand are our most selling items.

Durability and functionality are the core features of leather. It makes a normal leather to genuine. It’s stylish, classy and elegant. There is nothing better than good leather.

The Best Fashion Statement

Anything that wrapped or made of leather is the best fashion statement. Whether it be a wallet, a sandal, a boot, a cardholder, a key-chain, a bag, or a jacket. They make you look cooler. Generally speaking, leather is an affordable luxury. Furthermore, leather can be the ultimate combination of formal and informal. It adds a sense of class and maturity to an outfit. A leather sandal together with a Mundu is the sexiest combination ever.

If you visit the Tanwood for once, you will realize a fresh perspective of leather. We invite you to enjoy the quality! or Contact us here.

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